Revised version of Book One. 35 unique works of art for you to colour plus 23 vignettes for you to finish

My Art - My Life - Art Drawings As Coloring-in Books.

The therapeutic act of sketching and colouring-in offers a timeless means of escape from everyday pressures. Inspired by the fine art of author and artist Margaret Lynn Atkinson, these simple yet expressive line drawings come from a place deep inside of her and have a unique life all of their own. Influenced by artists George Grosz and Otto Dix who often explored the seedier and more macabre sides of life in their drawings, these  sublime, and surreal works of art will enable you to return to a childhood space free from worry as you add your own colour and texture. ​Also by providing a few cropped vignettes for you to finish, these books also provide a creative tool for people who have never had the confidence to draw on their own before. For anyone who wants to unwind from today's fast-paced world and reconnect with their imaginative selves, this challenging and thoughtful resource promotes both stress release and relaxation. 

40 unique works of art for you to colour plus colour illustration and vignettes for you to finish

Creative Journey Through Art; Book One,(revised version) and Book Two  Adults Only.  As a child growing up in Lancashire I would draw faces in the margins of my schoolbooks and dreamt of becoming an artist.  I have continued in the arts and crafts ever since. The drawings in these books, a small part of my 'fine art' practice, take on a life of their own. I am fascinated by the way they appear when I put pen to paper and am happy to share these drawings with you in the hope you have as much fun as I have taking them further into colour. This book includes images from the series of drawings 'Speak To Me Softly'. There are also some cropped drawings, vignettes, for you to finish using your own skill and imagination.