HAYWARD GALLERY  Group exhibition and in conjunction with London Print Works -

On tour both in England and America  with American artist Glenn Lygon and British artist  Yinka Shornibare 1996/7
WAR MUSEUM  - Group exhibition 1997

BRIXTON GALLERY - Group exhibition 1997

CHELSEA COLLEGE OF ART & DESIGN - Solo Exhibition 1998

CANDID GALLERY - Group exhibition - 1998

BRIXTON GALLERY - Group exhibition - 1998

KENSINGTON & CHELSEA College - Group exhibition - 1998

BRIXTON GALLERY - Group exhibition - 1998

CANDID GALLERY - Group exhibition - 2000

MAFUGI GALLERY - Group exhibition - 2000

CANDID GALLERY - Group exhibition - 2000

CHELSEA COLLEGE OF ART & DESIGN - Group exhibition 2002

RED GATE GALLERY - Solo exhibition - 2003

BRIXTON GALLERY - Solo exhibition - 2003

ASC STUDIOS - Open studios - 2003

ARNDEAN GALLERY (Cork Street) Group exhibion - 2004

HYPE GALLERY - Brick Lane - Group exhibition - 2004

BETTY MORTON GALLERY - Group exhibition - 2005


UPSTAIRS GALLERY, THE GREEN - Group exibition-  2005

ARTS CO-OPERATIVE - South London Acre Lane - 2005

OPEN HOUSE - (Part of the 'Urban art') BRIXTON - Solo exhibition - 2006

THE FOUNDRY - Big draw - Group exhibition 2007

THE STABLES GALLERY - (Twickenham) Group exhibition 2007

ASC Open studios

THE FOUNDRY - Draw 2 - Group exhibition.

CLIMATE of CHANGE (ASC STUDIOS) 235 Union Street SE1 - Group exhibition 2007

JOHN BLOXHAM GALLERY (SW18)  Group exhibition - 2008

HACKNEY WICKED WEEDEND -(Somthing about painting) Group exhibition - 2008

BRICK LANE GALLERY - (Art In Mind) -Group exhibition - 2008

LONDON BIENNALE - Group performance (Paris France) Reynods Puki Parade - 2008

BRIXTON LIBRARY - Solo exhibition 2008

CHOLMELEY BOYS CLUB - Dalston - Group exhibition 2008

DECIMA GALLERY - London E3 Group exhibition - 2008

DARK THEATRE & JAMM - Limb-Power Festival -  Group exhibition - 2008

AUGUST ART GALLELRY - Group exhibition - 2008

LONDON EAST FESTIVAL - Group exhibition - 2008

TURN-BERLIN INTERNATIONAL GALLERY - On The Bounce - Group exhibition 2008

THE WINE THEATRE - UNION STREET - Solo exhibition - 2009

HACKNEY WICKED E9 - Group exhibition 2009

THE MISSION ARTS CLUB - 'What are your dreams made of' Group exhibition 2009

LAMBETH OPEN HOUSE - Solo in home - 2009

THE GOLDEN HEART PUB E1 - Solo exhibiton 2009

54 THE GALLERY - MAYFAIR - Solo exhibition 2010

LONDON UNIVERSITY - Latin American Cultural week - 2010

BRIXTON VILLAGE SW9 - Creating Brixton Village Art-Trail -

with Solo exhibition  of photographs - 2012

URBAN ART - London SW2 - On the railings 2015

'Tulips From Amsterdam'

Which is now a sequence of over three hundred works of paintings, drawings, installations, prints, etchings plus two published books of drawings, whose inception lay in a two and half day trip to Amsterdam.

Margaret's previous work was abstract painting and printing, using images of elephants and old lace as her source material, subsequently; she became enchanted when she encountered what was to become known to her, as 'the elephant bar' in Amsterdam.  She says  "A mural of two elephants adorned the wall of this bar and a Turkish lantern gave a beautiful lace pattern across the whole of this area. “This serendipity experience haunted me when I got back to London and started me on a journey which I still find fascinating today".



In her work she journeys from the streets and canals of Amsterdam, to the Ottoman Empire and of course Turkey where the Tulip is the national flower. The ''Tulip' series' is embracing the design aspect of her quilting days in America. She also admires the early Netherlands, Turkish and of course our own William Morris's designs.
In her work Margaret picks up on the issues of gender, identity and fragility of the human psyche, exploring the underbelly of society. "I am concerned to develop the works even more within these series of individual works that visit the sites of my own imagination and experience, and those of a collective, social and political history".  Always looking for new forms of expression, new challenges within her fine art practice have taken her forward to create a deeper layer of work.

About the artist/work/exhibitions

Rug making and Quilting (with some teaching) USA
Voice development, Choir & Opera singing
Fashion and Interior design, City and Guilds
Foundation Access to Art (The Strand Lambeth, UK)
Printmaking. London Print-works
Photography workshop-Adult education
Art and Design Foundation. Kensington & Design
Chelsea College of Art & Design BA HON 
University of Cyprus (painting)
A former member of the London biennale group
Printmaking and etching Morley College
Founded Brixton Village Art-Trail-2011- 2014
Book publication 2015 - 16

I started doing 'arty' things as a child growing up in Lancashire. I would stick paper flowers on my parents wine glasses and draw faces in the margins of my schoolbooks.  However, life led me in directions other than subsequent art education at that time but while living in America, I began the time-honored crafts of patchwork, quilting and rug making.
Upon returning to London I became involved in theatre, opera groups, choirs and took part in performances in and around London. I also continued to participate and take short courses in the arts, crafts, fashion/interior design and photography. Which led to my graduation from Chelsea College of Art & Design in 2002. 

I have been a member of ASC studio complex for the last 12 years and after moving back into a studio in Brixton Village, I founded the Brixton Village Art-Trail, which ran for four years 2011 - 2014 and showed the work of over 80 artists within eight group exhibitions. My main ongoing body of work is 'Tulips From Amsterdam' which consists of over 300 works of paintings, prints, drawings, installations, digital prints and etchings and photography. This work grew out of my love of elephants and lace during a two and a half day trip to Amsterdam in 1996.


About the work